Past Successes

Project Type: Web

Industry: Oil & Gas

Major Technologies Used: CakePHP

Project Description:
Distribution International Valero is one of many clients using the eMUNICAtiONS online ordering catalog custom built to be used with Valero Energy’s requisition and purchase order system. After the first catalog was built several years ago, Valero had such success and enthusitc adoption by field personal they started recommending eMUNICATIONS to Valero’s other vendors to utilize eMUINCATIONS’ custom services with this online catalog. eMUINCATIONS has online catalogs and shopping carts being used for over eight years. We are constantly improving the catalogs features and performance and providing customizations per Valero and their vendors.


Project Type: eCOMMERCE website – Online Business

Industry: Hunting

Features: eCOMMERCE utilizing PayPal, Hunting lease offers with descriptions, images and mapping, Classified Ads, Photo Gallery, Online advertising utilizing Google’s advertising system.

Major Technologies Used: Drupal 7, Extensive Custom Modules, PHP/MySQL, Google Adwords, Google AdSense, Google Mapping, eMUNICATIONS’ custom admin dashboard for updating content.

Project Description:
The Lease Hunter web site has one of the most complete databases of Texas Hunting Leases, the US and throughout the world. LeaseHunter has been a very long-term client of eMUNICATIONS (since 2011). LeaseHunter is a true online business. Hunting Lease Owners can post their lease offerings at no charge. Site visitors establish an account for a low monthly fee to search the leases and get the contact information of the lease owner. When the folks at came to eMUNICATIONS we redesigned the whole concept of the website and put in several new revenue channels increasing the over all revenue of the business by 40% The site has a lot of automated features including a monthly newsletter, mapping of the leases when an address or zip code is entered, classified ads that need no internal management. And all services of the website have a charge that is processed by PayPal just dropping cash into the owners bank accounts.


Project Type: Web

Industry: Waste Management

Project Description:
Sprint Waste was looking for a complete redesign of their online presence. For Sprint Waste, emunications developed a website that was both eye-popping and useful for their clients. Through their new website they can keep in touch with their customer base and their customers can easily find any information they’re looking for. Behind the scenes, the SEO experts at Emunications worked hard to make sure this website scored high in the search engines.