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Android applications have proven to contribute significantly to business growth and promotion. Due to the advent of the smartphone with its mobility, functionality, and features it has risen as a platform that caters to the diverse and distinct needs of all U.S. businesses. The user base is extensive and cannot be ignored by businesses for a multitude of client acquisition, support, and communication. We develop feature rich elegant Android applications. Our Android development team has years of experience in understanding and cultivating the up-to-date technologies and current trends on Android. We develop Android applications with the primary goal of servicing your constituency, customers, employees, and management.

American Offshore Software has a skilled workforce with many years of experience in design for the Android Phone platform. We work with you to analyze and understand each requirement in order to develop a robust Android phone and tablet apps for all business verticals. Our teams will convert your business ideas into reality very quickly and at a cost that cannot be achieved by onshore development companies. American Offshore Software is a U.S. company that utilizes offshore software programming firms. You have an American project manager speaking native English and available during business hours in all U.S time zones via telephone, email, video/screen sharing and in some cases in person. Our Agile development process allows you to communicate with the offshore team at any time in the application development process. You are in the loop!

We develop Android application solutions for all industry verticals with such functionality as social media, gaming, healthcare, sports, travel, lifestyle, utility, entertainment, education and many others.


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You will speak to a project manager and the assigned developers to listen your ideas, provide suggestions and transfer your project to a written plan. This is the second most important stage.
This stage is primary in your development. We will provide a task list, a timeline and cost estimate to bring the idea stage to fruition. This will be our collaborative road map.
The assigned designers will capture the joint effort in the design concept. Design is a very important step in creating a useful smart phone application. Our primary goal is to design a smart phone application that is useful, intuitive, and feature rich on the backend for assessing customer needs, desires and driving them to action.
American Offshore Software develops Native Android apps. Native apps provide better battery efficiency and a compelling user experience. We develop native Android applications using the latest technologies such as, Kotlin & Java or hybrid programming languages like react.js and ionic.js. Your Android developers will ensure that the app is designed and built to operate at optimum performance – under every conceivable condition. Quality in design and programming is our primary goal.
First we test, retest and then test again… and then you test. Bugs are corrected, and we test again. You test again. Our QA team runs multiple tests to ensure that the developed product is free from all identified bugs and inconsistencies.
Once you are satisfied with the final product, we deploy to your server or ours and provide you a complete code set along with all designs and user interfaces and a signed statement that your code is not retained or reused by American Offshore Software or its affiliates. We also provide a user’s guide for the client and a user’s guide for the smart phone application end user if needed (built into the app).

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