Our Process


Website Design With Purpose

At a high level, digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. While this term covers a wide range of marketing activities, our company focuses on search engines and social media the most.

Below are the major stages of the American Offshore Software website development process. Each step has greater detail than what is presented here and the subsets may differ depending on the client, target market and the project details. This is a simplified overview for you to get a sense of how American Offshore Software works.

Goal Identification
American Offshore Software does not charge for this step. It is critical to understanding the project and generating cost estimates
  • Who is the site for?
  • What does the site visitor expect to find?
  • Is this website’s primary function to inform? To sell? To amuse? Some other functionality
  • Does this website establish its own brand or is it part of a wider branding strategy?
  • What are the competitor websites, if any. How should they inspire this website project or, how should this website be different?
Scope Definition
Important step to establish realistic expectations for all parties. Scope creep, additional functionality or features or unexpected design changes will take more time and therefore increase the cost
  • Clearly define feature set and functionality.
  • Establish a contract with cost estimates and timelines
Sitemaps and wireframes
  • Sitemaps layout the organization of the website. The menu is derived from the sitemaps
  • Wireframes establish the layout of all of the pages (what is in the header/footer, content, images, tables, etc.)
Content creation
The most important step,
  • Content is what engages your website visitors, presents concepts / value propositions, products, etc. to get the desired website visitors’ responses.
  • Search Engine Optimization. You are nowhere if your website can not be found. Keyword lists are established and worked into the content including titles, tags, images and more.
Visual Elements
  • Font, colors, icons, images, buttons, headers and more.
  • visual elements
Testing, bug fixing, training
  • Testing is done along the way by American Offshore Software but, now is the time for the client to test the website. Discovered bugs are corrected prior to launch.
  • Training of client to manage the content after launch. For example, post news articles, blogs, products, contacts, etc.
  • Decide how and when to launch.
  • Prepare servers and transfer files.
  • Notify search engines
  • How to notify the world of your new website. or web business.