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Offshore labor for programming has been a popular idea for quite some time. Depending on the country the labor pool can be highly skilled and responsible or it might be low skilled and non-responsive. However, those few that braved this new world learned the ins and outs of these global resources and have experience working with great overseas companies. American Offshore Software is one such company.

Based in Sugar Land Texas, a suburb of Houston, Texas, American Offshore Software has worked extensively with a company in India to develop websites, websites with content management systems, web applications (e-commerce, online catalogs and ordering systems, document repositories, customer and corporate portals and more), smartphone applications, cloud hosting and server management and more. See a list of our services. This relationship is going on six years now and has been quite successful. We have partnered to share this strong working relationship with other companies with Internet Technology needs.

Our India-based office currently has over 60 employees with an impressive package of expertise. This large resource base can handle any sized project from a single programmer to a large team of programmers, designers, system architects, and administrators. We can fit in with your IT and/or marketing departments as contractors or we can take your plans and deliver a quality finished product. By hiring American Offshore Software you get access to this large resource base through an American company, managed by Americans speaking English and very close to your time zone and hours of operation. the challenges of outsourcing software programming are mitigated by this structure. No more late night calls, broken English, lack of accountability, that big question at the beginning of the project – “Are we doing the right thing?”
Let years of experience and a solid partnership get you started on your next big project.

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  • Quality Service at An Exceptional Price
  • American Management
  • Support During US timezones
  • American English Spoken
  • Exceptional Pricing
  • Flexible Options of Services
  • Large Resource Base With Lots of Experience
  • Knowledge in Latest Web Technologies
  • Secure Project Control – Confidentiality
  • Temporary Service Options
  • Planning Meetings at Your Location
  • Full Complement of Web Services & Programming
  • Culturally-Correct Graphic Design and Interface Design